Welcome to the Conestoga Valley School District Energy Wiki Site

Energy consumption, which includes heating, cooling and electrical has become a major focus for Conestoga Valley School District. Electricity costs have increased by 30% and recessionary times have decreased our revenues while expenditures continue to rise. Consequently, we have to do more with less and conserving energy is one way of doing that. However, that isn't going to happen unless we all work together to conserve energy.
The purpose of this site is collaborative in nature. We have been trying to conserve energy for years but have recently made it a top priority. Under closed items, you can see things that we have recently accomplished. Already, we have lowered consumption by as much as 20% in some buildings.
Under open items are things we are in the process of or are still considering. If you have an idea on conserving energy, this is the page you want to add that idea. Go to open items, click edit and add your idea and save it. No idea is to far-fetched and and every idea will be considered. Some ideas may be too expensive compared to the savings. Other ideas may not cost a cent and are just a matter of changing habits and behavior. So give it some thought and add to our growing list of ideas. Our energy committee will research them and see if we can put your idea to use. Thank you.